Black Friday Sales

The shopping crave right after Thanksgiving by waiting hours hoping what you want is in stock.
I hardly have any luck finding what I want, however I hope this year i’ll manage to get these in hands.

Whats you desire in your Black Friday List?


I hate Black Friday so much. Those examples you listed aren’t even good deals. Come back to me when they are 50% off and every customer at the store is not acting like a selfish barbarian.


Yep I agree! I usually just by stuff on Boxing Day! I once got a whole saga of DBZ for 50% of :smiley:


Black Friday + Plural = Sad Plural

I know I better save up a lot of money for bricklink. That’s going to be crazy.

I’ve never actually witnessed or lived through a black friday.

There are some online deals that sprout up around this time that are kind of good. And it’s around this time that Steam might have another Autumn Sale.

I like online deals better.

I hate black friday.

Cyber Monday best sales day.
Black Friday sux hard.

I’m hoping to get a tablet, which might enable me to be more active on the boards.

Hey, it’s that time of year again.
I only went to the market today and found nothing, but I’ll check somewhere else to buy a T.V or something.

I have never gone black friday shopping…I have not even done Cyber monday stuff either.


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Black Friday, the day Americans fight each other for products that dont actually have lowered prices, but mearly bump up the prices before Black Friday, and then they lower the price to the original version to make you think you actually had alowering of the original price.

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