Black scythe V3: No more

Nothing can stop the pain
Nothing, but the end of it all.

(Bonus: a brief history of all versions of the character [not including the pre-internet V0 version])

sincerely, Quartz


I would say get rid of the Nuva boobs and find a definitive style and texture. There is a lot of clashing across the moc, and if you can fix that the moc will seem much more appealing.

Great moc looks really cool! The waist is kinda thin but it doesn’t take away from the look of the moc

have kinda been meaning to redo the torso with my own design (that one is stolen borrowed from connor hoffman of wombat combat productions). I feel losing that and replacing it would go a long way to making it better.

My main problem is how the upper torso is a lot wider than the lower part. It just doesn’t look right to me

The chest design (ahem) looks really odd, and the lower legs are a little thin compared to the rest of the body. The arm design is nice though.