Black Serpohlf


This. Is. AMAZING!

The colors are good, detail is excellent…
Generally an awesome moc!
Good job

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Wow! So cool! It’s adorable too!

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Maleficent would be proud!


Reminds me of Chinese dragons! Awesome!!

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Wow, ok, this is fantastic! I really like your use of the wing pieces for the jaw and the head design altogether is just amazing. I also like the split tail in the back and the spine like structure of the whole tail is really neat. The purple accents are wicked. Also the flat part of the top of the head being textured the way it is really adds to the visual effect of scales. Btw, adjustable tongue, totally cool.

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That mouth… that shape… give me more!!! I mean I like the design but its legs are a bit to cluttered

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He somehow looks better in the video

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added some “wings”.