Black Sun

Let me know what you think.


*dangerous hola hooper :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm… that’s a very nice ring, and the custom is good to have, but the proportions are pretty off.


thats a lot of pictures of one guy hola hooping

its good for a metru build but if it were a custom torso that looked like a metru torso then that would be cool

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Very neat! The “sun” piece is probably my favorite part of the entire MOC.

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noice but the inika arms look kind of odd but i like the spike wheel and the light blue, red and black

Looks pretty nice. I like the design of the ring and the thighs.

I really do like this MOC,The colours some would say don’t look good together but I quite like them. You managed to get a working gear function and used some parts that you wouldn’t expect. The sides of the upper legs look a bit flat and I can imaging the skrall head having some trouble with articulation to the side with the sun - like object behind it/in front of it. overall, great Moc, but could do with some upgrades. that’s it! -PLA

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this is interesting and the name reminded me of this song

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This MOC has a nice ring to it, and the colors look really nice.

I like the hula hoop

Cool MOC, and Black Sun is also the name of a huge crime syndicate in Star Wars which is neat.

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Looks nice, especially like the sun ornament thing.

hey maybe he can throw the hoop and teleport through it like hoopa from Pokémon.

Pretty nice, looks good and metru build is used pretty good