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Twineley’s Peak, Canada. A formerly small town that has developed a sort of anomaly. Within a circular area around the town that intersects the forest near it, an effect of slowness has been cast. This blanket of sluggishness causes everything to move at a more laggish pace but the time slowed averages around half speed. The nature of this effect has not been fully documented though known exceptions to the rule so far are living organisms over 227 grams in weight for you fellow Americans, that’s half a pound and things in direct contact with these organisms. The effect of living organisms within the circle hasn’t been fully realized though.

Various new structures and buildings have been constructed within the town, thanks to the surge of scientific research, changing the landmarks of the town for the ages to come. After almost a year of study, former residents and news outlets have been allowed back in. A recent loophole has been found that allows relatives of these residents to move in along with groups of a “professional” or business nature. Many people have decided to camp the border of the town for a chance to experience this new anomaly, hoping for the fluctuations in the range around the town to touch them. Despite the secure border fencing the tourists out, many have snuck in anyway. A small religious group within the town has also expanded in activity since this event as well though has decidedly been very thorough with selecting its new members.

Due to the new precedent that has been set by this, the mayoral office has organized a public meeting in the town square to resolve issues, settle conflicts and figure out how to effectively integrate everyone into the situation. But at the advent of this, a smaller delegation separate from the main meeting has started. The offshoot gathering is set to meet in a small shack within the dense Twineley Forest. This is where you come in. To find out the cause of the slowness and discover the secrets that are being kept from the townsfolk.

[details=Important Landmarks]
Twineley’s Peak Town Hall: The town hall of the city. It’s one of the largest meeting spaces for people other than the small churches within the town.

Twineley Forest: A rather dense forest in the east. Most well known for the various amounts of wildlife and rather quiet scenery.

  • Twineley Lake: A lake in the forest, it’s a good place to fish and relax.

Green Oasis: The largest residential block within the city. Its located in the west side of the city and is well known for its surprisingly large size despite the size of the town.

God’s Peak Religious Meetup: A notable church within the town. It’s known for its frequent public events.

Locations aren’t hard set at the moment and will probably expand in the future.[/details]
Rules: I’ll generally be pretty meh with rules. Just don’t pull things like Metagame and the like and that’s all the worry out the way. Killing others will be allowed as long as it’s reasonable.

Character Sheet


Sounds like a scifi horror movie. I like the premise.

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Name: Lauren Nichols
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short and slight, with olive skin, an impish face, dark eyes, and dark, straight hair worn shoulder-length.
Bio: Lauren grew up Twineley’s Peak, graduating from the local high school shortly before the anomaly began. She has now returned with hopes of working as a journalist for her hometown.

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