Blackbolt Squad

The other day I came across an awesome MOC from @Torma. I really liked the little Pilot guy he made. I basically copy-catted that guy to start. Then I thought it’d be fun to create a team of Protector-sized heroes to battle some of the larger MOCs I’ve created recently.

I wanted them to each look strikingly different from one another, while still looking like they could be from the same universe.

Named them Blackbolt Squad.

Roll call:

El Condor - Squad Leader

Roland the Righteous - Grizzled Veteran & Combat Strategist

Azureus - Powerful Guardian& Protector of the Innocent

Ghostface - Stealth Recon Expert

Enduro - Mystic Shaman & Healer

Slicebot - Evil Henchman aka Cannon Fodder


The white one and th brown one are my favorites.

The white one looks the best shapewise, plus I like the colors, and the brown one has some cool colors.


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Hehey nice dude! They all look very nice and the colours on all of them really flow together.

roland the righteous looks very familiar :wink:

No doubt! It’s a straight up ripoff from yours. It’s a credit to you though. It’s such a cool design.

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Thanks, but i think youve got it down way more than me. :wink:

Love Roland the Righteous, but Slicebot is actually my favorite out of all of them!

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Awesome, I like how the Slicebot and Azureus look a lot.

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Thanks. I think Azureus is my favorite as well. Looks like he jumped right out of a fun PS3 platformer title.

They’re kinda cute! Nothing all that extraordinary, but quite thematic nonetheless.

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Slicebot is my personal favourite. All in all a very colourful and creative cast.

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I’m getting some serious Blacktron II vibes from Ghostface.