BlackboltJohnson’s Toa Team 2019

Instead of pics of the whole team, let’s try this quick vid clip. Never made one of these before. Slightly cheesy, but I kind of like it. Especially considering how easy it is with iMovie.

Bonus vid: I also made this clip of my (recently reorganized) whole LEGO collection. I used to have them all in one 6-drawer cabinet. Took forever to find stuff. This is much more efficient.


How much money do you want for that awesome room?!? (Including Lego pieces :stuck_out_tongue:) jk

Awesome room, very nicely organized! Now let your team fight those Bohrok!


oh…so that’s how you make so much good MOCs in a short amount of time

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Fist: what brand are those organizers?
Second: they look even better together than separately, and they looked amazing separately.
Third: Now all we need are Kaita. Please.

This group shot looks sweet, though I’m not a huge fan of tahu’s new shoulder armor.

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Good eye! I did indeed switch it up. My thinking there was that the original shoulders weren’t retro looking enough, since they used HF parts. I think those two are actually bootleg pieces too. So I wanted to swap them out for official parts.

@darkbrick999 they are Husky brand. You can buy them at Home Depot or online. The ones with the small drawers are $14.99 and ones with the larger drawers are $12, I think. I stacked them and then used small C-clamps on the back to hold them together. I added little carpet gliders as “feet” to keep them sturdy standing up and to make it easier to move them around.

@Bloodarchmage It probably has something to do with it! I used to have all the armor shells in one huge drawer. It took forever to find stuff in there. Now with the color sorting by size, it’s so much faster.


Really like this lineup, they all feel really unique and interesting while still looking like a single cohesive unit, along with making them all feel like the original sets but with a new update. I love it.