Bladro the Mask Breaking Dragon

Bladro is a elemental creature born in the fire area were the evil corrupted his body and affected his nature. Bladro became a beast which has the purpose to destroy the Mask that brought corruption to its home.

He has two huge claw hands that shifts to a blade like weapon to slice his enemies down. As well as having two tails for supporting his fighting agility and style.

As well as having two energy armor plates which gather its energy from any heat sources.

Heres a picture where he is destroying one of the corrupted mask in the land he found it in.

Now the things I really feel I should have done better is that I should have worked on the shape on the legs because I focus a lot on this moc on the articulation and movement of this moc for playability, but I have no pieces in order to involve the legs to the next level unfortunately. Over all I think I did a good decent job, well maybe, the only thing I like is the head, thank you for checking the moc out!.


I love the MOC honest but I think the front feet look awkward with the chest plate from 2016 maybe try an older one but other wise 10/10

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Not bad. Not bad at all.

It could use a more uniform color scheme, theres trans neon orange, white, gray, gunmetal, red, gold, dark azure, and trans light blue.
The legs should be overhauled and the feet should be swapped out, and maybe tone down the scale of the legs, they seem too big.

Good effort on expanding its abilities but, what exactly are those plates?
nothing in the shot clues me in on it.

Nice bootleg 2.0 chest plate and hero core by the way.

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@SniperWolf thanks bro! I agree I feel it should be remade but thx for the feedback!

@AwesomeJoel27 thx bro!I will remake the feet n get more part for the color scheme

it is little solar wings to get energy from the heat

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