BlaizIT MOC Collection

So anyways, after a bit of a hiatus since late-October, I've decided to get back into moccing Bionicle/Hero Factory again. I'm looking forward to getting new pieces from the new Bionicle sets once they come out, but I might as well show all of you what I've been (failing at) making at the moment.

So I might as well show you my first MOC, it's the first time I've decided to create a larger than usual MOC, as well as having custom body pieces. It's a Makuta species that I have no idea about, have fun with it I guess:






Cool Pose:

"It wasn't me!" Pose:

I'll post some more in the next few days/weeks, I'm fine with critique but I don't mind how the proportions look in this MOC listed, just needed to get that out there. (Cough Axonn hands are too big cough)


those disturbingly wide shoulders...

on a serious note, I genuinely am having trouble differentiating the head from the body,
also I don't usually complain about blue pins, but there's so many showing you might as well make blue a secondary colour.
as well the top and bottom of this moc are completely different aesthetically, the top is really smooth and the bottom is spiky.

not bad, but could use some improvement.

As for the head/body situation, I was trying to have the head more molded into the body, but I might still try to find some way to make it stand out more, I see where you're coming from.

As for the blue, I'll find some way to cover it up. For your last point, I see what you're getting at, do you think I should remove the spikyness of it or keep the legs the way they are and add some spikes to the rest of the body? (I have a few spike elements, but not a lot as I'd like)

Anyways, thanks for the critique, will try to improve it over the next few days. =)

it depends if you want him to be spiky or not, it's your call, either way it can look good.

It feels like its inspired by both, Predator and Alien xP

Oh yah. Made two other mocs. It's been quite a while, lol.

Dhunamiir, Captain of The Skull Guard

And Robot Artillery Chicken Walker Thingy

wil senpai notice me? find out next week on.....



More pics please? I'd like to get a closer look at Skull Guard. I'm not sure about what you were trying to do with the Chicken Walker. More angles would definitely help. smiley

Would the other angles on my DA do the job or should I take more pictures?

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Those are good.

I recommend you do away with some of the exposed Technic liftarms on Skull Guard. He looks a bit messy in places.

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Thanks, I took out the life arms, the thighs look a bit thin. Sorry if this is asking a bit much, but do you know of any pieces that can bulk up the technic limbs? If not I might restart the thighs from scratch. Which may actually make him look a little more cleaner/organised...

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It all depends on the piece in question. However, I think the standard armour pieces work pretty well in most cases.

Alright, will give the legs a go tomorrow, when I'm more awake, I'll update the topic once/if I finish it. ^^

Thanks for the suggestions!

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