Bleu aptères

Greetings all! Welcome to this thing.

As you might be able to tell, it’s a mech. Isn’t it cool?



Well, that’s all!


It is okay
But how does the rider fit in?

That’s pretty cool.

I have no Idea, i might modify it so that he does fit, but for now he’s just for aesthetics.

Cool fingers

An interesting mech idea

What is going on with those random studs…?

Anyways, the color scheme is slightly off. The gold is out of place, there is not enough Mata blue, and there is also not enough white.

The build is good, but the color scheme needs some work. The turbines on the back also look sort of slapped on rather than integrated coherently.

And, as other people have said, I do not consider this any kind of mech.

Ok, first off, this is not a mech. A mech has a pilot inside. Unless the pilot is imaginary, this isn’t a mech. This always bugs me. Now onto the actual Moc… And beware, I criticize system Mehc and robots a lot, as that is my “area of expertise”.

The Torso

The Turbines seem like a last minute thought. They weren’t incorperated into the build well, and the studs are exposed from the front. Also, the torso is a “T”. This makes it seem like a robot more, as a mech at this scale would need a pretty blocky torso to hild a pilot. But that’s just a nitpick. The exposed studs near the shoulders could easily be covered too. Also, does it have hip articulation?

The Arms

They’re ok. I’d personally say they’re a bit bland, but there’s nothing really wrong with them. They’re pretty well covered, and the only problem is the colors of the pieces that hold the tiles.

The Legs

Not really a fan of the legs. The overall shaping looks weird imo. I’m sure people will disagree, it’s just I’m not a fan of the triple jointed look, especially on this humanoid looking mech/robot. Otherwise the legs look fine, besides the sticker on the upper leg, as it brakes the grey, and looks strange imo. The feet are posable, so props there.

The Head

My least favorite part of the Moc imo. It looks really big with that fin, and the eyes, if they’re eyes, are weirdly placed. Also, looking at it from the back, it looks incredibly empty. I just don’t like it.

Overall, it’s a ok moc, nothing really eye catching or innovative, but it’s ok.

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idk why I didn’t include this earlier, but this is the thing standing up, the fin/flap thing is meant to close.

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That looks much better. The eyes are still weirdly placed though.

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