Blitz Mafia Sign-Up

Blitz Mafia

Welcome to Blitz Mafia! In this game, a community of average peeps living in the land of Eitveembee have been plagued by a sickness, one that takes down and reanimates friends as foes, called scrims. The battle has gone on for too long, and the people have had enough. In order to rid themselves of the virus, and the infected, a ragtag group of chumps have gone on a quest to seek the aid of the Aireups, powerful beings capable of unimaginable things. Find them, and they might have a chance to survive. Some of the members along for the ride are just ordinary people looking to live a fair life, while others have their own mysterious intentions. Some just want a way to escape, and some have a lust for blood. Some would rather the whole crew perished along the way, and of course, some are actually infected scrims in hiding. The journey will be long and hard, but not too much, because time is of the essence. Succeed in time, and they may be able to save what’s left of the Eitveembee community. Fail, and they…well, fail…

(Some amount of) Survivors (Ordinary Peeps)
(Some amount of) Mafians (Infected Scrims)
1 Captain (Head Honcho)
1 Defender
1-3 Assassins (Rogues)
3 Secret roles

This game will be played like a traditional game of mafia at its core, but with some obvious alterations. For one, this game will be run on a strict time limit, meaning the full game will run for only around a week or so, depending on the player count. There can and will be multiple kills per night. Some will be double mafia kills, others, mafia and something else. As a result, some days will be open to multi-executions, while others will not. Keep in mind that the many types of roles (and corresponding abilities) will create, as the title entails, chaos. Day/night cycles will be unbalanced so the former is longer than the latter (voting time will last longer). Days and voting will run for 18 hours, and nights will run for 6 hours (still retaining a 24 hour overall interval).

The List:
1.) AdamusTheFirst
2.) Zero
3.) Radiation-7901
4.) Invader
5.) MillsyChaser
6.) Ranaki_Pakewa
7.) Nogus1
8.) Sonus
9.) Leoxandar
10.) CrusaderofCaesar1
11.) Chiller_Queen
12.) OraNui
13.) Omega_Tahu
14.) MataNuiNuva
15.) king328


I’d like to do this

Are the Assasins on anyone’s side? Or are they their own thing?

Sounds faster than the mafia I’m currently in. I’m in.


Sounds like a cool twist. I’m in!

Sign me up.

I have them prompted as their own entity, but there may be some twists later down the line.

hoo boy gonna join this

cuz like

other mafia seems dead atm

i can totally pull two games at once off.

Sign me up boi~!

I’m in!

Haven’t played mafia in a while. I’m in.

I’ll throw my hat in.

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All on the list. I forgot to say, while we’re looking for a relatively normal player count, it can work with less or more than 20 or so. Tweaks can be made to divvy it up even more.


I’ll join.

CGL is taking an eternity to do the HF Mafia, so I’ll join this.

I’ll join if it’s still open.

Welp, we have 12. Guess I’ll postpone this until there’s more interest. Sign-ups are still open, but I’ve no idea when it might start at this point.

Me. I sign up. Me!!!

I love mafia games, and your games are always good.

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I’m in.

Sure, why not.
my other mafia came to a screeching halt
I’m in.


So here’s the deal. The game probably will not start until December 12th at the earliest. I will tag everyone in a post here sometime before to check and confirm they’re all available to play. Sign-ups are still open up until that point for anyone not already in. Until then, I hope this will be worth the wait.