Blockshi Moc - Rahkslif

And another rahkshi with LEGO built elements!!! 3rdeye88 coined the term Blockshi with the last one, I think it fits really well. So this is the second blockshi I've built, between Sim Xire and Fate. All of them are Corpus Rahkshi characters, and I've had great fun with them. As you may notice, Slif has no spikes!! This is a character trait from the RP, as he never inhabited a rahkshi suit. He was slated to be turned into one, but he is a tenacious and stubborn fellow, and has the kraata variation of Adaptation on his side, so as parts of his body were becoming the suit, other parts were adapting to fill it. Because of this he has a few deformities, like his large size and lack of spines.

Very satisfied with the figure as a whole. :smile:

He's such a drama queen.


Hey look, it's invisible.

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I gotta say, that looks pretty legit. The colors and the overall body look pretty swell.

Nuuupe. It's just human error!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks! While Purple, black, and gold is becoming a more common color scheme, this has been in mind for a while, so I'm glad it's still got good reception.

Hey, that's pretty when it's not being invisible.

I love that color scheme


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That's one toothy grin he's got there.

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@gringat !!! I didn't know you roamed these parts!! You don't know just how happy I am that you got it was a big, toothy grin. The cheschire smile is one of the biggest parts to this character.


Looks neat, nice use of CCBS/system.

Looks cool, i like the term!

PURPLE!? BULK!? In the same MOC!?

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It looks awesome!

We don't speak of his kind here.