Blue Phantom: Rise of The Sixth Phantom

Click here for the Story about a Girl and her Blue Powers.


This Phantom? It's purple, but that's close to blue.


No not that Phantom,This Phantom.

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That's good. I almost called in 4728! Whew! No Jackals gonna get me!

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Here is The Third Story with Ladies in Metal Suit,Sisters, & Lions a lot Lions!

Before Molly become the Blue Phantom there was her Grandmother,Dorothy now here the the Fifth Phantom.

Here is the Fifth Story with News Casters and Ozzies.

Is this real life

Yes this is real life,and yes this did happen in the AAC Universe. wink

This is beautiful

although, might want to work on your grammar, its pretty hard to read

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Here is the sixth story of Blue Phantom this time she come up to faces with The Monk.

In the Seven Story,Blue Phantom faces the a Jacked-Up Woman.

In the Eight Story,REVENGE!!!!