Blue Phantom: The Orange Flame Reviled and some Secrets

There also a bigger version if you can't read the small words.

If anyone have guess the super secret codes in Matoran, you will get the prize.

Here is where you can answer the Codes.
1.Hector Zimmerman/Viking,The Hero of Minnesota
2.Molly's and Amanda's Dad and Mom
3.Jane Cyrcus/Jade Beast
4.April Von Cook
5.Alice's and John's Dad and Mom
6.Warren J. Osman
7.Lori Kurtis,Ralph's Wife (and not a Dove in place)
8.Dell McLin/Cat Guy,The Hero of Texas
9.Lucy Oahu/Wahine,The Heroin of Hawaii
10.Amber Miles/Mutate Girl,The Heroin of Colorado
11.Blake Freeman/Gator Man,The Hero of Florida
12.Billy Ray Thornton/Rock God,The Hero of Tennessee
13.Julie Harris/Armor X,The Heroin of Nebraska
14.Gwen Anderson/Teal Mistress,The Arch-Villain of Mississippi
15.Al Jackson,Big Dog,The Arch-Villain of Texas
16. Professor Ali Mayhem,The Arch-Villain of Nebraska
17.Serpent Overlord,The Arch-Villain of Minnesota
18.Silas Powers/Solus Knight,The Arch-Villain of Colorado
19.Will Vegas/The King,The Arch-Villain of Tennessee
20.Andrew Hans/Great White,The Arch-Villain of Hawaii
21.Patty Dent/Boa,The Arch-Villain of Florida
22.Lazarus/Time Destroyer
23.Jamie Cyrcus/Blue Phantom VII,Molly's Daughter form Future Earth
24.Adam Jacobs/Cyber Male
25.Professor Amy Hawkins/Lady Death the Reaper
26.Erin Iris becomes The Rainbow Goddess
27.The Time Mistress,Time Master's Daughter
28.The Dark Master,The Keeper of Darkness
29.Wolly Cyrus/Indigo Phantom,Molly's Clone
30.Kane-Rama I/Dark Blue Phantom
31.Zahi Richards,Hans' Wife
32.Two Stories about the First and Second Blue Phantoms and Purple Owls.


What's the Reward?

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A $1000 Dollar Paycheck. Never mind there is no Paycheck.

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Seems legit

....I live in the UK

Also are cash Prizes aloud?


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a.k.a. 1000 Ponces Paycheck There no Paycheck in around,but there is a prize,but it's also a Secret :wink:.


1.Which Existed Character that will a different Energy Animal.

2.Their More Cyrcusies and McAllens in this list.

3.The Cheetah and The Griffin

4.Their are 2 Wives

5.Cowboy,Country Music,Disney World,& Surfing

The first 2 answers are relived found out after Christmas for the others.

So do we need to figure out all of them or just one for the prize)?

Just figure out all them for the prize.

Here is another clue.

Name the states with the letters of T,H,C,F,N, & M where both Heroes and Villains are part of this states.

Okay since no one ever answer the clues so I just relived the characters/Changes who will appeared in 2016 Stories of Blue Phantom.

And this is the prize that isn't money.