Blue Stahli

I know we’ve got some fans of this guy here.

If you’re not one of them, then what you should know is that Blue Stahli is a one-man electronic rock act that covers a wide variety of genres. To note are the obvious dance and rock/metal tracks one would expect from an electronic rock artist, as well as influences from disco, pop (would you believe it?), jazz, and film scores. He has four albums out right now (plus one “chapter” of a future album and a collection of cut tracks), and his fifth album is releasing by the end of the week.

Do you know Blue Stahli? What’s your favorite song/album? What do you think of the man himself and his lovable weirdness?

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Does he do Covers of songs

I’ve never heard of him but I don’t want this topic to not have a post

Pictures? Nvm found some for people to see

He’s done one cover as far as I recall… as well as a couple remixes.

(Also calling in @Tab, @Vuhii and @JMP as they seem to have not noticed this topic the first time)

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I’ve listened to like two of their songs

I should branch out

I did, I was just busy

music’s cool

The pink haired music man is pretty dandy. His soundtrack sounds are on-par with the red haired music man; I especially like So So Bad. His contributions to the Complete Cellout are also really great.

Ohey a dead topic.

I think the first major song I heard from them was “Enemy”, which I thought was pretty good. Then I found “Ready Aim Fire” and gained a massive obsession with that song.

My favorite songs from him are probably “Rockstar” and “Demon.”

He’s a pretty darn good artist, I always end up finding a new Blue Stahli song to get obsessed with.


All those are great songs, each in their own ways. It’s cool how the songs you mentioned come out of film score/thrash metal, chiptune-inspired dance, classic rock and western music respectively.

To an extent his genre-hopping makes it near impossible to choose an overall favorite song of his.