BNK King of Artahka


Looks pretty cool. can you post more pics from different angles?

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This is my self moc BNK King of Artahka. A little backstory is that he is the great grandson of Artahka in a rapidly changing Spherus magna. He wears the legendary Kanohi, the mask of creation which was handed down to him when artahka died. He must face off against the remainder of the dark hunters and the 3 reborn makuta as he faces of against the ultimate threat, IBK.

I will mak more creations in the future including toa

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Due to popular demand i will give instructions for rocket skis

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I think this is my new favorite topic.


Thanks for the feedback vuhii

I like the rocket skis!


Wow u got what it was on first try


At first glance, this Moc looks very cool. The colour scheme of gold, black, and red works well enough, but could be better layered and distributed. The upper legs for example, could use some gold plating, since the black is used as “underarmor”. The arm design is also a bit questionable.

Most of the choice of armor and weapon parts work well together, and as a whole, it’s got plenty of flare; and the flame bits definitely accentuates on that. Also, those “rocket skis” are sick! :smile:

Overall, it’s well built and looks nice; no real flaws that break the Moc’s appearance, apart from colour scheme inconsistencies (what’s with the Keetroange feet?)



much gold very shiney

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I would put gold inika feet but i didnt have and im a perfectionist also the black armor is supposed to be there as a different kind of armor but thanks for comments

I have new pics of BNK as i have done my first update to him and i will include instrictions to this reply in the future of his weapons

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Everything about this moc is good except the head and the change of color in the feet.

I like the head but i couldnt find gold inika feet without painting