Board/Card Games!

If card games were included in board games, I would add Kittens in a Blender and We Didn't Play-Test This at All.

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Warhammer is a good board game with the most expensive pieces.


Card Games do apply. I'll add that to the main post.

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Now that I know card games apply, I like Uno, crazy eights, and war.

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The most enjoyable board games that I've played have been Talisman and Scythe.

One demands knowledge on how to play against unique and interesting heroes from factions with diverse play styles catering to their strengths and where you have to balance a handful of resources carefully to increase your chances at winning the game and gaining the bragging rights for being the strongest and bestest and the other is Scythe.

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I really enjoy the Dungeon and Dragons board games.
Very fun.

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I forgot to mention Exploding Kittens, which is card game with random cat-based humor.

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I was wondering when someone was going to mention it. I haven't played the game in a couple of months, but I do remember it being pretty hilarious

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There are D&D board games?

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One of my favorite card games is Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.


Oh, I've got a great story about I duel I once had online...

Okay, so I play a Gravekeeper deck. For anyone who doesn't play, they're an archetype that relies on this card:

to shut down the opponent's Graveyard (discard pile, where cards are often brought back from).

Now I can't remember exactly what occurred, but I do remember my opponent being on his last-ditch effort to come back and win the game after I had basically shut down his deck.

There's a very famous and useful card in Yugioh, and it's this one:

Now, with this card my opponent was going to return a few key monsters to his field and gain a significant advantage over me, but he failed to realize my Necrovalley card prevents this card from working.

He plays his card. It does nothing and is sent to the Graveyard.

Then this exchange occurs:

Sa1t E Boi: "u cheated."

Pakari: "Nope, Necrovalley's effect."

Sa1t E Boi: "nO u cheeted."

Pakari: "Please tell me how I cheated, I would love to know."

Then he says...

Sa1t E Boi: "i will finD where you live and Kill you."

My response:

Pakari: "I bet you will."

He goes on a few smaller tirades of pure salt and then leaves the server.

I am happy to report I am still alive and well with no salty children's card game players near me.


I agree that the Necrovalley Gravekeepers archetype is a paaaiiiinnn to try countering but if Necrovalley is stopped, the Gravekeepers are relatively easy pickings. I just play for fun and am happy to not participate in the competitive scene as that seems to be where most of the toxicity is in the community, from what I've heard.

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I can attest. It's sort of the trade-off, and I usually get royally bodied if I don't get my set-up in the first few turns. But when I do win, oh boy, I've basically shut them down.

Sounds like me and Overwatch...

I wouldn't call it toxic, per say. There are definitely legitimately toxic players out there who love to brag about themselves and trash others for their deck choices (low/mid-tiers like Gravekeepers especially, I've had this happen to me a few years back when I was more into playing the game but didn't have a well-made deck), but I feel the competitive scene is more plagued by power creep than it is with negative people.

The game's most fun when it's easy going!


I am agreed on the sentiment regarding Overwatch. Perhaps we could play a Duel or two if you want to in the future? Just go easy and not use Gravekeepers if you do, I want an even playing field.


If we're doing card games, then I frequently play magic the gathering, for modern I have a simic agro deeck, and a grixis mind control one. If I'm just doing casual then I have a really fun artifact tribal


I think he means the normal games, which I guess are board games depending on how you play them.

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I can’t believe the Knights Kingdom trading card game has not been mentioned.

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Yo for 160 American dollars you can buy Forgebane, a Warhammer 40k boxed set that contains two major factions, the Necrons(spooky scary metal skeletons) and Mechanicus(cyborg bois with big robots). Its a really good time to get into the game, because they have a similarly priced box, Dark Imperium, that contains the Death Guard(really sick plague guys) and the Primaris Space Marines(tall as heck not sick Death Guard). The rules are simpler, and each box has fantastic models.


I'd love to, but I do only play Gravekeepers...sorry... :laughing:

I guess you can sort of see it as a board game, but it's kind of a stretch...

That being said, D&D is amazing, so...


Or you can purchase the Age of Sigmar starter set which comes with tall golden boys, a golden boy riding a lizard, flying golden boys, and a bunch of really red metal dudes with an obsession over blood. And it’s only $130 American dollars.