Board CSS Update

well vuhii, you can technically embed imgur albums,
it's just incredibly broken and not worth fiddling with
at all.

so yeah, if you guys could fix that it'd be nice.


To be honest, I have no effin clue why imgur no longer works.

I'll def look into it though, 'cause I'd like it back as well.


Sleepless poor Var nights lol
So many issues to fix on the boards =P.


So I've looked into the issue.

Turns out, it has nothing to do with our boards, our servers, or anything on our end.

The issue is with imgur itself.

For whatever reason, they've changed their API coding to replace embedded galleries with block-quotes instead. Why they've done this? No clue, but they likely didn't realize there were third party sites using their API to display galleries, so they didn't know changing their scripts would effect anything.

As it stands, imgur simply does not support iframe embedding at this time, so we can't directly embed them into posts like we used to, regardless of what we do.


That's the one thing I really dislike about Vessel. There's no iframe embedding support. Our contact over there said they're working on it, but I do wish it was able to be expanded on/used for the boards.

But yeah, for whatever reason, until Imgur gets their gallery embedding option back up again, it won't work. Which sucks, because I love Imgur galleries. But I mean, as long as they make folders for your favorites I guess I'm okay.


The weird thing is that they still have embedding... they just decided to switch to a lesser quality proprietary system rather then iframe which is basically universal on all platforms.

It's like Apple making the lightning cable instead of just using Micro-USB like everyone else.
It makes no sense whatsoever.

Lightning is a proprietary cable that is faster than Micro-USB and universally used with the Mac ecosystem.

Imgur doesn't make hardware, though, so yeah. Still really stupid.

Yeah and I'm sure their new embedding system has tons of cool bells and whistles too.

But it's not compatible with anything else already designed to make use of it.

@sarah pls


Huh. That's weird. Well, at least you looked into it.

Now to go complain to imgur.


Y'know, the new look for the boards was jarring at first, but I've quickly gotten used to it.

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There was a change? /s

But yes, the update is quite good.

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image is broken on ios

Is this new?



yay another ios user but yes I believe that is new

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Yeah i got this on the random RP reboot thing

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Also, I read that in Var's voice for some reason. smile

What even xD

I meant the blue notification, not your post

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No, that's not new. That's always been a thing.