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I was recently looking through some of the most popular topics on the boards and realized that people generally enjoy it when someone gives back to the community. MOCs and art had been done, but I knew I wasn't close to competent in creating content like that. However, I've been told I can write a good story, so I decided to give back to the community by creating origin stories for some of the members. If you would like to have an origin made for you, just tell me in a reply. If you want a certain tone or point of view, let me know there, too. First up is the origin of @Risebell

Risebell arose from his slumber, the bright light of the sun overhead burnt his pale skin. It had been long since his last awakening. He pulled his body up from the field where it had laid for so long, and then proceeded to walk towards town. He stumbled into a the nearest gas station and picked up a hat and a pair of aviator sunglasses to block the scorching sun. The cashier gave him an odd look as he scanned the items and handed them back to him.
“How’s your day been, sir?” the worker asked.
“Hot,” Risebell mumbled.
“Excuse me?”
“It’s been hot today. A lot hotter since the last time I awoke.”
“Yeah, it was pretty chill yesterday.”
“I wouldn’t know. The last time I woke up was three hundred years ago,” Risebell stated as he grabbed the goods a walked out the door. The cashier just watched him in shock as he crossed ongoing traffic.
Risebell only arose from his slumber every few centuries, in the world’s greatest times of need. Risebell’s alien mind knew exactly what the problem was: there were too few quality TTV Message Board members. It was his destiny to change that.

Next up is @Booster_Gold and @Nyran (Double Up!)

The King of Capes, overlord Nyran, stepped down from his glittering golden throne to walk amongst his kneeling subjects. Today was the anniversary of his total conquering of the world, which he had united under one banner. Only the best workers had survived his purging of the peasants. However, he noticed that one of his servants was missing. He motioned to a guard to search the palace.
“Excuse me my gracious overlord,” an elderly woman said weakly. Nyran spun around.
“Did I ask you to speak?” he asked.
“I am sorry, Master Nyran, I-” she paused in the middle of the sentence. Nyran gave her a confused look and then he noticed why she had stopped. He turned around to see a smiling man in golden armor smiling at him. Before he could unleash his powers, the man grabbed hold of Nyran and pushed a button on a device in his hand. The world spun around them until it had completely changed. The man had turned back time for both of them. Nyran tried to fight back but he found that his powers had been drained. The idiot next to him was still smiling.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“Booster. I’m from the future, and I need you to do something for me.”
“What?” Boster handed him a smart phone. It displayed a website sign-up. “Is this some kind of joke?” Nyran questioned.
“Nope. I live in a future where you don’t join these message boards, and lemme tell ya’, it certainly ain’t pleasant.”
“You promise you’ll take me back to my empire later?”
“Yes,” Booster replied as Nyran entered and email and password. Soon he was reading through the rules. Booster chuckled. This was the beginning of a legacy.

Finally, @Patriotic_YGram.

Pirean stumbled around the rocky slopes of Ko-Wahi. He pulled out an ice pick he had picked up in a nearby village and used it to secure his hold on the wall. When he plunged the metal into the ice, he felt it strike something hard. He pulled the pick out to search the hole, and found a strange device. He struck the solid ice several more times and the glossy technology fell out. He grabbed it just before it tumbled off the side. He turned it on to find instructions for joining something called a ‘message board’. He’d never heard of something like that before, but he decided to just roll with it and followed the directions. After he had spent some time on it, he continued on his journey to the peak. After the treacherous climb was over he set up a tent and retreated to it for the night. The day’s recreation had been difficult, but this ‘website’ as it was called, seemed pretty entertaining.


Great writing, though, as you know me, I'd love more of a, say... intellegent personality.
After all, I do the grammar-checking around the place.

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I can do a follow up, if you'd like. wink

I think it's very creative! You definetely have some original ideas.

I rate 9,5 aviator sunglasses out of 10.

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Can I has origin story?

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I love you.
and you're right about the community thing, people rly do enjoy it and I hope we can all do more stuff like that in the future. Myself included.


sets to bookmarked

gonna have to read this later, looks good


I know who I'm being doubled up with


Sure! Do you want it to have a certain tone or have cameos?

Not really, just do what you feel I deserve! After all, you're one of the few that's actually been reading my storyline, so you know what to do!

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Nice, these are really entertaining to read. 10/10
Also if it isn't trouble for you can I have one sometime.

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Very nice!

can I haz one?

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Yup to both @RaptorTalon and @Bigthwomp.

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Sweet, thanks.

This is really cool! If you've got the time, and it won't be any trouble, mind squeezing me in their too? And since I've only recently become more active on the boards, I guess it could be something like a drifter from a western or something... not sure how I made that connection, ha ha. But only if it isn't any trouble. Thanks either way!

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One more origin story, comin' right up @Gravityhurts123!

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CREATIVE CONTENT DOUBLE POST!!!!! First up, @Gravityhurts123, whose name I took some creative liberty with.
Gravity swayed on his saddle as his Muaka steed carried him across the rolling seas of sand that blanketed Spherus Magna. Ever since the planet’s reformation, he had been venturing into countries unknown to uncover their secrets, buried deep beneath the sand. The blazing sun blazed down upon him, slowing the Muaka down and making Gravity yearn for the water that surrounded his home on Metru-Nui. As he came up over a hill he noticed a small spire twirling above the tan ocean of miniature rocks. He dismounted and ran over to the building. It had been covered with sand after being abandoned for hundreds of years. He motioned for the Muaka to come closer to him. He snatched a machine from its pack, and he turned it on. The repurposed toa tool sucked up the sand. Thank the great beings for the Onu-Matoran, he thought. After maybe an hour, a palace stood where tons of sand once laid. He opened a door and sand poured out at Gravity. He dusted himself off as he entered into a grand hall. He unwrapped the scarf that kept sand out of his mouth. Sitting on a work bench nearby was a small device that resembled a computer. It was opened up to a website, which directed him to sign up for a ‘website’. He did as he was told, and winged the email part of the registration. Soon, he was part of something great called the TTV Message Boards.

Then we have @ToaKeravnos, who already had an origin so this is more of an addition to his own story.

Kervanos deflected the punch as it swung past his head. He grabbed his opponent’s arm and came down hard on it. It bent unnaturally as the Skrall screeched in pain. Kervanos grabbed the pouch the outlaw was carrying and found one small device that resembled something the great beings would have made. He found that the display rendered a place meant to communicate with others. Kervanos placed it in his pocket for later, right before a Makuta behind him swung a bat at his head. He barely missed, and Kervanos flung the being over his head. The Makuta came down with a thud. Kervanos then continued on his way, pondering over this strange item he had come across.

You thought a double-up was as good as it gets? Get ready for a triple up @Hawkflight @RaptorTalon and @Bigthwomp.

Bigthwomp wandered around his strange home planet. The heat of the swamp boiled around him, the musty air cycling through, trying not to become too still. Strange creatures made even stranger noises whilst the blob rolled on through his habitat. Then he found something, sitting on a log. A black brick was what it appeared to be, but he couldn’t tell from the distance he was at. As soon as he got there he enveloped the item into his jell-o like consistency, where his ‘brain’ examined the odd object. It hummed to life, all of a sudden, and he found that he was soon being given instructions on how to operate the thing. He decided to type in a bunch of random letters on the screen. It directed him to something called a ‘website’. He alerted his two friends, Hawkflight and Raptortalon is that who you were thinking of hawk? who rolled over to him. All three of them looked on in amazement. Luckily enough, it turned out that Hawk and Raptor had already found another two of the devices. After a while, the three got down the system, though it became apparent that Hawkflight was a master at it.

Lastly for installment #2 is @ToaPyren

Pyren. Pyren Pyren Pyren. Pyren was a noble scholar from Metru-Nui, or so that was what he thought until he became a Toa. You see, Pyren, as a matoran, had come to the conclusion that the Toa were completely useless beings who did nothing but protect the matoran, who were completely capable of protecting themselves. He now possessed plenty of power, the same power he believed had been useless. So, he decided to ignore his destiny as a Toa and elected to stay a scholar. He continued on like this for several years, until a very odd occurence at the docks drew him out of his studies. Perhaps he wasn’t going for his duty as a Toa, but it was still interesting. Someone had said there was the discovery of a crate of brick-like computers, a new invention in the city, but they were far beyond that. They were each stamped with a seal of approval by ‘TTV’, which he believed to be quite odd. When he reached the scene he had to navigate through gawking matoran. With his strength he opened the crate and pulled out a one of the materials. He pressed a button on the front and the screen came to life. He swiped where it told him to swipe, and soon enough he had set up an ‘account’ on a strange place called the TTV message boards.

That's all for now, folks!


I friggin decked that Skrall! Awesome!


These are very interesting reads! Could I, maybe, have an origin story, please?

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