Board Riders

So, I was talking with my buds @Middlefingerstudios, Vuhii, @SmilingArinTurnip and Nyran once.

We found a thing that generates a Kamen Rider with a name. It got to the point where the riders being created where so awesome, Takua and I decided to make it into an actual story.

And so, we decided that we would parody Kamen Rider Gaim and Kamen Rider Double in a way, but still keep it our own thing.

If you wanna be in it, hit me up in a PM. Because I'll be desperate for it soon.

Credit to Takua for helping and such, as normal.

Prepare for a horrid tropefest, folks.


Thats awesome. (I watched some and I take back what I said)

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This'll turn out great.
...I hope.

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I'm disappointed in you beef.

Disappointed at the fact that I'm not in this by default.

Make up for it by making me the main villain that is more OP than a Vergil/Hawkeyes/Spencer team in Ultimate Marvel.

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aw yeah man

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Eurobeat better be blasting whenever I make an appearance.