Bob Thompson's Makuta

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Recently, I have been very interested in the early concept of Makuta from Bob Thompson before he left company in 2005. The most famous example is the hint of the movie “Mask of Light” that his actions, not motivation, make him evil, and he tries to protect Mata Nui from suffering. Did Bob Thompson talk about what exactly caused Mata Nui to suffer when he was awake? If these were hints of some kind of virus or disease, then was Makuta a defender against the virus in this case, who decided to radically take control of the whole situation and put Mata Nui to sleep? And was Makuta himself a victim of the disease, given his appearance in the film? If you can tell in more detail about the initial plans of Bob Thompson with regards to Makuta and the suffering of Mata Nui from 2003-2004, if you know them at least partially, it would be great!

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I don’t really recall all that much, to be honest. My recollection (and this may be mistaken) is of the description of Makuta being kind of vague. But I don’t think Bob’s intention was for Makuta to be somehow heroic – the impression I got is that Makuta, like a lot of villains, was just very good at rationalizing his actions and being the hero in his own mind.


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