Bog, the toxic swamp dweller

He is a freak and a murderer, he lives in a swamp wear he and others can’t breath the air. So he uses a forged gas mask to survive. He lives here for peace and quiet for his hearing is 100.5 times more sensitive than the average Bionicle. If someone invades he attached gunners to his bone and flesh ■■■■■■■■■ kills. Nobody knows what or who he is, not even if he is rahi or not.


I don’t think it exactly works like that…

The moc is pretty good, although the head could be better, specifically with the inclusion of the tires.


One word, Bats

Bats don’t have guns attached to them


because that .5 specification is entirely necessary to account for

I guess the easiest way to defeat him then is to screm as loud as you can; it’ll render him deaf :stuck_out_tongue:


True lol

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Are those Mega Bloks pieces?

Bog does appear as a mutant, the back seems abit inconstant with the black shell on the back and the head tries so hard to be a gas mask.


I really like the color scheme you chose as it definitely represents the mutant type. However the red chest plate breaks it up, because you only have trans orange everywhere else.

Also, if you could switch out the Mega Bloks brand parts and make different guns, that would be cool. I just don’t want you to be charged with blasphemy.

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