Bohrok 2016 MOCS (Need help)

anyone have any idea on how you could make a bohrok for 2015?


Fixed title so there's no confusion -Not_legomaster

Personally, I have no idea

That's tough man... if it would have to use the CCBS it would probably extremely gapi.. :/

The arms and legs used were moulded for Bohrok so i dont know sorry

I would try to give it short n' stubby legs, a large, rounded custom body and trans shell pieces for big beady eyes.

Perhaps you could start with many small ccbs bones to make the limbs. If you use a few small segments rather than just two long parts you can get the necessary curvature.

I've found this online


I think this would work

Though i don't think it has the function...


do you have any other pics of that? i wand to make one

Aww its so Cute and Tiny

if only there were instructions


Luckily they have shots from a few angles, so with the size you could experiment with pieces.

I have no idea.