Bohrok-headed dog rahi

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!

  1. Yes I’m back, though I’m sure few of you noticed my absence.
  2. This is just a bohrok-headed dog rahi thing. It’s a rahi native to the mainland of Ralqii. I made it last night so it might not be the best. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.




Jaw function:


You certainly have improved your craft quite a bit.


Is that a 2-cm axle used to hold the angled connectors of the upper jaw in place? You won’t be able to take apart the upper jaw like that anymore, right?

Probably one of your best MOCs I’ve seen so far!

The back is my favorite part

great design ! I may copy you to add creatures to my universe ^^’

I love it! The armor on the frontal legs stick out a bit too much for my liking, but he looks great besides that!

10/10- Would adopt from animal shelter.