Bohrok in Brickonicle [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The Bohrok are advanced exosuits utilized by the Matoran of each civilization for various purposes. They possessed the ability to collect and store elemental energy from their respective civilizations, allowing wearers to perform well above their capabilities. Due to the rarity of the resources needed to power these exosuits, the Bohrok are few in number, ranging between 40-50 per civilization.


Combat: the combat-grade Bohrok are found in every civilization of Artakha. Used only by elite fighters (Kal), these Bohrok possess enhanced strength, speed, and durability, although not to the extent of other models. Very well-rounded. Very few due to the rarity of resources. Only 1 in each civilization.

Diving: the diving-grade Bohrok are found exclusively in Naho, serving as deep-sea reconnaissance to aid in the fields of archaeology and marine biology. Due to their purpose, these Bohrok are the most durable model on the market, their durability allowing them to survive the tremendous pressures of the deep.

Excavation: the excavation-grade Bohrok are found almost exclusively in Tiro, with Motari and Ihu as scant exceptions. These Bohrok possess the highest strength of all models due to their functions in underground mining and archaeological discovery. Possess night vision capabilities due to their region.

Industrial: The industrial-grade Bohrok are noted for their high durability and lifting capacity and are used primarily for aiding in the construction of large buildings. These models typically channeled the element of Stone or Earth for this task, although later models were able to adapt and utilize any elemental energy.

Sports: the sports-grade Bohrok serve as entertainment on Artakha in various different sports. Possess lower grades of materials due to impending damages. Low cost, materials easier to find. Possess the greatest speed of all models for entertainment purposes. Due to the low demand for such sports, there are less than 10 models per civilization, each model customized for a specific sport, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Battle Royale: a bowl-like arena in which Bohrok fight (between 3-6). Use of protective, high-impact netting protects the crowd. Elimination for players who touch the netting or stop moving. Last Bohrok in the bowl wins. High impact, medium risk.
  • Bohrok-Circuit: a sport in which six Bohrok speed along a track, using their entire body as a singular wheel, while trying to knock other racers off the track. One point for each opponent knocked off the track, first one to three wins. High impact, high risk.
  • Joust: a straight track with two Bohrok facing each other. Sport consists of two sets, each set containing ten encounters. Players must charge at each other in each encounter. If a player evades, he is awarded a point. If he hits his opponent, he loses a point. Lowest score wins. High impact, very high risk.
  • Za-Kal Boxing: a fighting ring containing two combat-oriented Bohrok, equipped with piston-arms. Same rules as a regular boxing match. Medium impact, very high risk.

That’s a really cool application of the bohrok concept. I especially like that there’s a sports version. I could also see them being in demand as the civil war grows.

The only potential issue is if TTV wants to have bohrok as a villain of some kind, later in the story. They may have started with rahkshi, but that doesn’t mean they’re locked in to following the same villain order as G1.

All they would have to do is have the villains take control of the Bohrok (with Matoran trapped inside, moving against their will). Maybe a Mask of Technopathy?

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That’s an interesting route. Maybe make the whole Ahkmou/raiders bit be using the bohrok instead of general mechs that they talked about.

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@JediTimeLord824 came up with a concept for the Bohrok here with an equally interesting concept that would affect more Matoran.

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A very good idea, and I’ve adopted the more powerful Kal into my version. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoy the concept of them being used in sport.

I really like this for the sports. It adds life to this island. Up to now most pitches/podcasts have about characters/politics/society/story. This makes the matoran more real to me. The jousting bohrok could make a great set.


@Janys_Khan @Leoxander @JediTimeLord824 @UltimateMustacheX Just added a boxing sport with an Easter egg. Not too hard to find, but still.

Haha, nice. That would be awesome.

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For those who do not already know, there’s now a Artakhan Sports thread still in the works, acting as a hub for individual sports.

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