Bohrok in space?

At the current point in G1’s story, lehvak kal and a swarm of tahnok are orbiting spherus magna. (Lehvak kal due to being launched into space by his own powers, and the swarm due to nuhvok kal.) What is the status of their krana, and could lehvak kal communicate with the swarm telepathically? The kal always seemed to have some individuality (ex: when they decided they could rule the swarms instead of the queens before their downfall) Now that the Bohrok swarms have completed their task (and I assumed lehvak-kal witnessed this from space) what would its goal be?


Good point.

Although I’m not sure how much use such information will be because they’ll likely burn up on re-entry after their orbit decays.

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A Bohrok space adventure would be way better

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Yeah but it wouldn’t be canon :middle_finger:


Last question first – once the Bohrok have completed their task, they are supposed to return to dormancy. Were MN still intact and they still on the surface, they would be going back to their nests.

My guess is the krana are in suspended animation at this point, so that they can survive. So they are not awake to be contacted telepathically. And as TMOD points out, eventually the orbits will decay and they will burn up on re-entry.