Bonkles in the Snow

It finally snowed here in England so I thought I’d go out and take some pictures.

First off, just Kopaka standing stoically for no real reason.

Then a small squad of Kohrak. Kohrak-Va was so short that he sunk quite deep.

Then we’ve got some shots of our boy Solek.

Seems Gelu’s here also. with a broken wrist

Good Guy also came out to assert his dominance.

Now we get into the more fun stuff. Here Tanma, Mazeka and some other dude practise their winter sports skills.

Meanwhile the Kopakas have a skiing race…


Now seems like a perfectly reasonable, well thought-out time to introduce my latest Moc, I think.

And here she is! This is 404, otherwise known as Robot Girl with a Scarf™.

She had lots of fun in the snow, including helping Kopaka and Nuju with their snowtoa .

No idea why, but the lighting seemed to make her eyes and battery cells glow.

I had loads of fun posing her around.

Finally, here she is pelting my sister with snowballs.


you’re a real jerk you know that?

otherwise these are really neat. Obviously my favorites are the ones with Solek. The shaping and color blocking on the MOC is also quite nice, especially the head.




So lucky you are in the right climate for snow
Really cool photography (love how many photos there are of solek) nice new moc
Keep up the great work

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you like snow, eh? right now I’ve got over a foot and a half where I am. nice pictures and moc though, I’ve always loved seeing toa of ice in their element.


I really like how the ant-uh, creature-thing-with-a-scarf looks! The trans green parts look good.

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Stop making jealous of your weather conditions!


Lol I just had a lot of snow last night

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I will scoop your knees out with a shovel. /s


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Doggone it, I was definitely going to use Robot Girl with a Scarf™ as the name for a MOC… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great photography! I actually like Solek, so my favorite pictures are his and the Kohrak tromping through the snow. 404 looks pretty neat as well. The snowtoa is hilarious.