Boom-yan's city rough sketch.

hey so I know that some people liked my idea of a tribe in the Atmosphere so I made this rough sketch showing Boom-yan and his city. I wanted to make the city look almost alien by like dilapidated with elements of steam punk (oh and I added the idea that they walk across long cables to reach each rock)and this is what I came up with. sorry for the crude drawing skills.

if someone else wanted to try and draw this that would be fine with me. wink wink nudge nudge

I think I should have made the island bigger.

tried Photoshop think i made it worse

i will fine tune it later


The drawing itself is really sloppy and needs a lot of work. Also, I can't figure out just what the clouds are supposed to be doing,



Seriously, this is beautiful

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Good job with the artwork, but unfortunately, I doubt this will be canonized, as it has been established that Elisia (Lightning Tribe Location) will be a floating city, not to mention the existing floating islands of Kanae. I think having another floating location is impractical, to say the least. My suggestion would be to consider rewriting this character into one of the existing tribes. The idea itself isn't horrible per se, but it definitely needs to be rethought a bit.

Okay, now that everything is coloured in it looks like a natural disaster. Seriously, why does this world look like a tiny planet? and if he is supposed to be in the stratosphere like you said, why is there what appears to be a volcano and clouds, much less a blue sky?

Some of the brickwork pops a little better in the photoshop version but the rest is rather jarring. Otherwise, not too bad, for a sketch.

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what do you mean by that?

@Ele-Mental well the lightning city is oven the ocean and the islands of kanae are still attached to the main island with vines. my idea is my island is that its way up in the sky unknown to the main island. and my island dose not know of the matoran on the main island.

i dont have a name for my island (yet).

And again this idea is for later on in the story line not right now it would be like season two when they wright in more villains to fight instead of makuta.

*this is just an idea for the ttv cast to pick through for later I'm not asking to get this canonized. some others are asking but i tell them it won't happen.
just for now since i know its not going to be cannon i think of it in a way like this is one of the possible futures that could happen and we can see it until the future changes*

more backstory in this post

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I assume the large grey structure in the background is a volcano, considering it has what appears to be strange magma in front of it, and I also assume the white circular wisps above Boom-Yan are meant to be clouds.

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the grey pillar with the fire? its a smoke staff on his back.

No, I meant the large grey structure directly to the right of Boom-Yan in the background.

what the buildings?

just use Microsoft paint and cut out the part.