Booster Gold Obligatory MOC Topic

Hello, this is my Kronki--cough MOC Topic; because WHY NOT? It seems I'm the last person on the boards to have one, even though I'm not...

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle MOC's 'O Generic-ness

Note that just about all of them have no weapons, 'cause I'm terrible at making those... frowning
C&C As some would say is welcome


some of them have odd colorschemes... they're good as far as simple Inika builds go


I like their color schemes. It's not everyday you see a yellow toa of ice.


Yeah, some of the color schemes were meant to be pretty odd.

Overall they are simple yet good MOCs. My favourite is the Christmas alter ego
because of the huge shoulder cannons. it's a unique idea too

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tries not to make a joke about Toa Of Ice

don't eat the yellow snow

I'm sorry


You seem to have quite a few yellow pieces...

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No, have. Have is possessive. It means you own something. Therefore, my grammar is correct.


I like the way you think...

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Update, I have a new WiP, behold:

New WiP


This is going to sound weird but I want that to be made into a duck.


You are correct, as it is indeed possessive.
Thank you, Chronicler. You've made my day by being the only fool on the Boards to have made a stern grammatical correction.
(Oh, and don't make fun of my username. It's simply for aesthetic.)

Anyhow, the MoCs are great! Still, like Vuhii, is he the... yellow snow?



Just to let people know, I ran out of pieces; so I will not be able to finish those WiPs. But I do have another MOC somewhere, I'll look for some pictures of that. T'ill next time

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Found some MOC pictures, all are broken now, I made all these the week of the New Year.

Booster's 2015 MOC's, RIP all of them.

Yay! Plantlife is my favourite element. smile

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RIP Unnamed Dudes 1-4

we knew ye little

But yeah, that Protector Kaita is actually really cool. smile

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Changed title because, IMO, I'm doing better in the MOCing business
And because I won't change back to Blue_Beetle, ever

Awesome! I love the green and white protector (three guesses why smiley) and that white and red toa is cool too!

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I liked the matoran police department.

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