BORK Mafia: Sign Ups

One time there were fresh pups that were in a card board box. They were all adopted and then became puppers. Then they soon started to become different doggos, like borkers, woofers, and yippers. Indeed, the dogs grew to be the social hierarchy of the town.

Until one day, out of a dark ally… CATS appeared. They brought their yarn, and they brought their cat nip, to destroy the dogs and become the ultimate pets.

Who will stop the evil cats?

This is standard Mafia, except instead of starting off with a night kill, we will go on a bit of a witch hut at the beginning! The Doggo’s goal is to kill the cats and keep their social hierarchy as the best pet before the cats kill them. Whoever achieves that goal is gonna be the best pet.

doggo Roles:

  • Doggos: Just normal dogs. They enjoy treats and belly rubs.
  • Woofers: They’re big doggos. They can protect any player 2 times per game.
  • Wolf: The scariest doggo. Has the ability to kill only one player.

#Cat Roles:

  • Cats: They’re the standard mafia players. They vote each night to kill a doggo.
  • Fat Cat: They’re the leader of the pack; can instate a double kill on the night of their choosing, but only once.

Per usual, the game will start off when we have enough players (let’s say 15, and if there is more we’ll take them).

  • Mafia Day (when the doggos are let out): 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM pacific standard time.
  • Mafia Night (when the cats roam the street): 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM pacific standard time.

This will be a simpler mafia game, and I expect all the Mafia to cooperate. If they don’t, they will start to face the consequences of their inactivity. Only join if you know you’ll be active.

So go ahead and sign up, if you dare. Be good doggos and cats.

#Player List:


mind if i join?


That means yes.

then sigh me up.

I mean, I’m pretty impartial when it comes to puppos and meow-meows, but I’m still game.

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Brork bork make me a big ol kitter

Les go. Add me please.

I kind of want to try this. I’ll have to check if I have time though.

I see another Mafia trend inbound

Sure let’s go.

bork me in man

Will this game have clues?

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Sounds like instead itll have claws

I’m in.

First round won’t, rounds following will.

K. I don’t quite understand what you’re hoping to accomplish with the first round, but sign me up.

I want everyone to be able to play on the first round, so it’ll be a hunt to see who’s dogs and cats.

Maybe I will add clues first round, but certainly not a nightkill.

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Count me In

I will try to be as active as I can.

first rocks then megabloks now this…IM IN


Yey. I just need 4 more players.