Bounty: tak210's comic(aka why project Mata hasn't gone anywhere)

So Bounty is my own comic that is completely my creation, it’s my own universe with weird lore and creatures. I’ve been working on this for awhile now and thought that maybe you guys would want to see what it is.

some suits/guns-

Bounty hunter-

Random aliens-

Bounty is the story of a man who lives in this alien controlled area where most of the humans are clones, but his isn’t as is one of the few humans remaining ever since earth’s destruction. He’s a bounty hunter through the state and is basically a prisoner until he works off his debt. The police are a military police, and is made up of all aliens in this sector, as long as they are able species.

So this comic is his journey though this universe. This place is not meant for the weak or kind, the only ones who survive are the corrupt or the strong. The death rate is high for all citizens of the sector, and being a bounty hunter doesn’t help.

If you ever seen the movie “Dredd”, this universe is something like that.

First four pages(or progress on them so far):
There are no words yet so everything is only visual for you guys. Hopefully soon I can fix that!



P4(still in progress!)

Please fell free to ask questions and critic!


well frag

you’re super good at this!



Wow, really well done. It’s all very cohesive!

Wow, good effort put into this!

If I were you, I’d invest in a cheap electronic drawing pad and download Gimp. That’d help you a lot in drawing/coloring/posting these without worrying about erasing marks or messing up or whatever. Just a suggestion!

But still, great effort, and I like the character designs!


Good work sir, you nailed the designs and the story seems interesting.
I’m looking forward to it :wink:

why do I see
A Paintball Player and a strange version of Doomsday in the top right
a Predator in the bottom right
a Protoss in bottom left
a Krogan in the middle
and a slim Asogian (A Race from star wars and Easter egg to E.T) in the left

anyway amazing Art as always @tak210 also cannot wait to see more


This is impressive, looking forward to it.

A little critique here. If the cops (or robocops?) are pointing their guns to the Bounty Hunter (is that him?), shouldn’t their arms be more stretched?

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They aren’t pointing there guns at him, the bounty hunters work for the police. He just lanes in a spot were it kinda looks like that, but their weapons are at a neutral position.


Great drawings as always Tak210!