Brag about your deals!

So here is basically your place to brag about your deals you have gotten online, over Craig’s List or on Walmart clearance.
I got Umarak for $9, and two G2 Pohatus, Uxar, Skull Basher, and Skull Scorpio for $7 each.
You can brag about anything here.


I got a hundred of those little face erasers for five dollars!


I bought some whey protein for $50 cuz it was 20% off and that stuff is expensive.

I bought a NIB Nokama for $15 :smile:

I managed to get the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc in like-new condition for 20 dollars on Amazon. For those that don’t know: this special game cube disc was a pre-order bonus for Pokemon Colosseum that could be used to add a Jirachi to your gen 3 Pokemon games…an unlimited amount of times assuming a wishmaker Jirachi wasn’t already downloaded to your save file.

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I got the Manas for $5 each.


This one time I got something from japan with free shipping is that a good deal?

I just saved 150 dollars and got a nice camera for only $100 :smile:

uh, best deal I got was a 11$ Lord of Skull Spooders

MH4U for $12

Anyone know where I can get a nice used 3DS for a real good deal?

Let’s see uhh… I managed to buy Toa Norik complete with instructions and box for less than $17… he was rare


Go ask around in the marketplace section.

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I never find any good deals…



I got the Destiny’s Bounty from 2012 for $50.

Someone paid me to take their Visorak’s Gate. I bought it on eBay for $12 and it was advertised as complete, but was missing 20+ pieces, so I billed the seller for some Bricklink purchases I had to make for the parts, which was around $15. So I got the set plus a few bucks.

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Does getting a complete Bohrok Pahrak with the canister and instructions for $4 on eBay count?

I had gotten an Exo-Toa set for $20, and to me that is a small price to pay for my favorite G1 set.


I got the HF Dropship for $3.17, the Scopio XV-1 for $15.00, and the Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit for $25.00. That’s $43.17 for almost $500 worth of lego.


Oh, I just remembered that I have something else that I can brag about: last year I was able to get an unopened Toa Mata Onua for $20.