Brickheadz (MOC): Hatty Hattington

Say Hi to Hatty!

This guys is from Babttleblock Theatre, a game by the Behemoth (Pit People, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid).


If this was ever made I would likely buy 3. All it’s missing is some way to put his tears coming down his face. Aside from that, this is a great MOC.

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Yes. All of my yes.

Adorable. Great work.

Never heard of the game, but the design is pretty cool. I like how the head came out.

This is just…no words can describe it. The hat is also really cool.


really adorable. Well played. Just needs tears.

Don’t forget to buckle your pants…

Love it. The elastic band for the mouth just runs in the space between the studs behind the plate there, right?

I actually added a bit of extra space behind the tile to allow for the elastic band.