Brickonicle: Battle at Kini Nui

Set info:
Name: Battle at Kini Nui
Piece count: 679
$67.99 USD
$90.27 AUD
€63.64 Euro

Set Contains:
Kini Nui
The 6 Toa Nuva minifigs
Jaller and Takua Minifigs
6 Rahkshi Minifigs
1 golden mask of light
1 concealable stud launcher

Jaller and Takua Minifigs with the Mask of Light.

Toa Nuva Minifigs

Rahkshi Minifigs


This looks cool, the Rahkshi especially. What minifig head is used for them?


is there…

any functions?

'cause if not, i think you can break up that large chunk in the middle, and make the thing feel much nicer to display.


I really like the way u made the rakshi and toa

Those Rahkshi though.

Lookin’ sharp.


Mini Head constrictai, used in the Ninjago “Epic Dragon Battle” set apparently.


Needs some plantlife around the structures

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Looks kinda empty with all that space between the gateway and the temple.

While the overall MOC is nice, it just doesn’t seem very set-like to me… all the extra baseplates without anything on them harm the overall look, though the Kini-Nui part looks excellent. Also, a lack of any sort of functionality detracts from the MOC.

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Figures are nice and all, but the structure is incredibly boring, plain and part inefficient.


I was about to say this. If there’s no function, I’d instantly become bored. The display needs functionality, foliage, and frankly less smooth surfaces and more detail.

Plus the face structure looks more like Squidward’s house. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t look like an interesting set to me, but that might be because kini nui isnt really that interesting
I dont know, it just looks quite boring


Well made good sir.

All that’s missing is a transforming feature in the doorway.

You all know what I mean :wink:

Pretty good concept, but it’s really plain looking, and not in a good way!

For $132.99, I’d kind of expect some more detail.

Not too bad, and the Rahkshi are pretty cool, but I’d probably pass this set up. Good luck in the contest!

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Although Kini Nui itself looks pretty cool, the rest of the set looks too empty and void of any functions. I would suggest either replacing it with something else, or taking it out completely and drop the price.

If I were to suggest a function, I would say that something to blow the cover off of Kini Nui would be a neat play feature.

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Very nice. I love the Rahkshi! Where did the legs come from?

The Rahkshi are absolutely the strong point of this set.

However I feel the main build has issues:

It’s plain as others cited.

The “face” looks less like a bionicle head and more like a triangle with facial details.

The overall shape would be unusual to display unless it could be broken up in some fashion.

I feel like the entire stretch of parts between the shrine and the face is unnecessary and you could do it by having two different builds.

All in all it has pros but also a bunch of cons, still pretty decent imo.

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In addition to the unnecessary baseplates/bridge section, I feel as though this set would work better if it were a bit smaller. Everything being so big emphasizes the large blank chunks in the build, and fourteen figs in one set seems a bit excessive, especially when the only way they can “interact” with the rest of the set is to just stand on it. It’s also an extremely de-saturated set, the only color in the buildings is the pale green. Maybe add some deeper green foliage to break up large flat gray parts of the set, and figure out how to add some functions to the set.

The entrance looks… pretty derp, and I feel the entire struckure itself needs to be higher of the ground. The Rahkshi minifigs are nice tho

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