Brickonicle: Battle at Kini Nui

Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I’ve since made changes to the set.

Amaja nui and the Bridge have been removed. A stud launcher representing panrahk’s fragmentation bombs is placed on the head structure and can also be folded down out of sight. The head structure has also also been changed and the metal hatch leading to Mangaia can easily be made open or closed by pulling out the center, which is held up by a stand underneath.

These changes lead the peice count of the set to decrease to 679 bricks and the price to decrease to $67.99 USD


That’s a bigger improvement. I like the addition of limestone pieces.


Don’t forget you actually have to post on the contest topic to be entered into the contest :wink:

I don’t like them on the Kini Nui itself, bu they’re perfect for the head thing.

You should make a hypothetical “alternate build” to make it look like Takua’s Pakari (since it happened in the movie)


I feel the “face” is most improved here.

It looks more interesting now.

The “face” feels a bit unnecessary. I feel like It could be removed and replaced with something that uses fewer parts to ease that price a bit. The toa figs also look kinda boring but I can’t really blame you on that. What really sells this set for me is the Rahkshi figs and the temple itself. The design behind those pillars is nothing short of amazing and the use of Constrictai heads as Rahkshi heads is very creative. So, well done but I think there is room for improvement here.

Well, it needs work.

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