Brickonicle: Battle of Bara Magna

Hey guys, its me, KLC. Quick disclaimer: I'm sick, it's 2 am for me and I've been up for the past 30 hours doing life stuff, so this is going to be really ramboly and not spell checked at all :wink:Also, I'm really hungry rn. Also, please note I haven't made a legit MOC in about 2 years so I'm a bit rusty :frowning:

Anyways, here we have her:

Set Name: The Battle of Bara Magna [Bob M]
Piece Count: 389
Price: $39.99

functions {and stuff}

catapult - Because every LEGO set EVER needs one :wink:

Good ole Mak has arm pew pew things to simulate this:

Mat has a gear function- Turn the obnoxious yellow knob to make him flail his arms like a raging 6 year old. Strap his lazy chain beam things onto the moons to have him pull them into Mak's head :wink:

mini thangs

Using the iron man mask for my mask system- plz don't steal :heart:you can if you want tho :heart:


Hope you enjoy. Ask questions if you have them. I'll give answers if I have them.


This is amazing! I love the use of the constrictai head for the rahkshi. Though some close ups of the two robots would be appreciated.


Hey! Very happy to see you've entered! One thing before I can qualify it, however, is I do need you to fill out this text block.

After that is added to the first post, I'll add it to the Entry List! Thanks!


I need a pair of system GSRs now.

We gud now? :yellow_heart:

It's pretty neat!
While the scale is off, (but no one can blame you; it'd be too much work and way too expensive!) you did a fine job of including functions as well as pose-posibility for this set!
My only really complaint is the glatorian mini-fig, but I do understand the limits of LDD.
The Rakshi figures are good, though! I like the choice for the head!
It's a cool looking set, and so I wish you luck in the contest!

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Heck yeah, man. Thanks!

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The only problem is the accuracy of Mata Nui's head.