Brickonicle Contest: 81930 Onu-Koro

So here’s my entry to the Brickonicle contest.


Set Name: 81930 Onu-Koro
Piece Count: 539
Price: $49.99

I still think that MNOG is the best thing that has ever happened to Bionicle, so choosing a topic for this contest wasn’t a problem. There’s a working elevator here, as well as the mine, the ussal stable and a fire. The minifigures are Hafu, Nuparu, Takua, Turaga Whenua and Onua, and the Rahi are Ussal and Kofo-Jaga.

full gallery available by clicking on the image

Well, that’s probably it. If you’d like to have a closer look at the Onu-Koro set, just click on any of the pics above.


Oh, sorry. Something is horribly wrong with the pics

Very interesting take on the idea; I like the brick-built figures!

However, I think this will count as two sets:

darkbrick999: Could we get around the three set limit by making every entry one of those store-exclusive ‘super packs’ Lego sometimes does? They count as individual sets on their customer service building instructions page, and it could help a big set get around any price-based criteria you may or may not have.

Eljay: Nope.

^taken from the Brickonicle contest thread

Well while the structures themselves look okay, both could use more features, but I think the issue here are the figures themselves. Now for a MOC the toa seem fine, but for a lego SET I think they wouldn’t work that well, also the way the hands are built os something you wouldn’t see in a set (minifg hands for fingers) as for the matoran, I think they look just a bit odd and are probably the weakest part of the set having very little posability to achieve a look that while accurate to og matoran it does not add anything to the figures. As for the Rahi builds I think these DO look really good they are simple and yet look very well.

Also as mentioned before this counts as two sets so I dont think this will really qualify.


@ReeseEH Oh, didn’t know about that. Well, it’s gonna be two entries then. I just have to figure out what’s wrong with the pics.
@BlueCel thank you for your opinion!

upd. fixed. Po-Koro coming later then.

Nice. It conveys the look of the section in MNOG well with the elevator, and the figures are an interesting take brick built Matoran and Toa designs.

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Just as a heads up, entries are only officially counted once posted in the Contest topic. Thank you!

It already is posted in the contest topic though.


Oh yeah.


It’s cool to see characters in Tohunga form for a change. Nice work!

I really love how you did the figures, good job.

the elevator seems a bit redundant with how short it is.
But the set still looks like something I would buy.