Brickonicle contest entry: SKULL SCORPIO GOLDEN MASK ATTACK

th is is the SKULL SCORPIO GOLDEN MASK ATTACK. it has 276 peices and would be priced at 29.99. is includes pohatu and the protector of stone, it also has a brick built scorpio. the build its self is of a old temple where the golden mask of stone was hidden, it has weapons and artifacts next to it. bellow there is a map to the mask maker. also the large tan tiles would be the stone tale of the toa. there is also a protector mask sculpture and more artifacts. there are two spring missiles at the top of the stairs


Fairly well made.

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If there was some big pieces, I would kind of understand the price, but since there is not, it would make sense for this to cost no more than $30

the sides are made up of the pre made wall peices

the price of each part is around $0.12 so it would be around 33 but rounded up to legos set price points it would be 35

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I believe it should be $25 (24.99), I remember reading somewhere in the Brickonicle contest that it was 100 peices per $10, but I could be wrong.

As for the MOC, it’s good. I’m not a fan of the Pohatu Minifig, but he looks okay, and Nilkuu looks great. Skull Scorpio looks accurate, although the keetorange makes it less faithful to the original set.
The castle? looks good, and the overall thing looks like it could be an actual set.



Just a reminder that you have to post your entry on the contest topic to be officially entered. :wink:

The shrine looks all right by itself. As far as the minifigs go, Nilkuu’s all right, Pohatu’s fine except for the turn on his back – I get that it’s supposed to emulate the gearbox, but it sticks out too far. Scorpio is a little awkward – the head really should be in front of the body, not on top of it.

Overall, I agree with @Toa_Distraxx: about an 8.5/10.

Someone did their research.


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Pretty decent.

You might want to round down, since the average price per part is $0.10, and rounding down will get you closer to that.

Doing the math following the price per part ratio the set would cost $28, which rounds to $30.

oh i read it was 0.12 my bad

This looks good, something I would probably buy(If I wasn’t poor). But, that scorpio looks a little, awkward. Anyone else think that?