Brickonicle Contest Entry: Ta-Koro

name: Ta Koro
piece count : 390
price: $39

minifigs include, Tahu Nuva, Jaller, Takua, Turaga Vakama, and a mini build Tahnok_Kal

the main build includes, a tower, Ta Koro suva, a lava cannon, and i stone pillar bridge

the bridge has a play feature that allows you to make the bridge collapse

jaller can keep watch from the tower

and the cannon could fire lava studs
hope you all enjoy. ^^


I like how you really worked hard to include play features as integral parts of the set.


very nice approximation of a Bohrok.

I really enjoy this, it has nice detailing, amazing minifigs! I hope this wins!

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Edited Title to be more clear - Sp00py Distraxx
This looks great, It looks like something Lego might actually make.
I’m not to much of a fan of the Bohrok, but it works well.
I like that you were able to include a function as well, and it fits with the idea of the set.

Awesome, I like how you worked in the ability to raise and drop the stone bridge.

Interesting to see someone else do Ta Koro as well. Our versions of the collapsing drawbridge are very different.

Meh. Could be a little better. Love the bohrok though.

Nice work! Easily my favourite location on the Island of Mata Nui. Awesome job at the recreation of it. My only real complaint is that the minifig bodies don’t really look all to good on the hip joints, but that’s just my opinion. You’ve done an amazing job overall.

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I like it. The bridge is pretty nifty.

OMG the bohrok so gooooood

Those bushing-spears would be really bad in real life.