(Brickonicle Contest) Ko-Koro

Name: Ko-Koro

Pieces: 90

Price: $10

(right-left) Takua, 2 Ko-Matoran, Turaga Nuju

Here is the combination.



You can split the the extra Kopaka to make two more matoran.


I’m honestly not too sure what to make of it, though the lack of actual minifigures is a major blow for me personally

Need 10 more pieces to qualify.

It’s pretty much the same from before but expanded out like a board game.


While it looks cool, I wouldn’t really classify it as a set.

^^ This ^^

I personally don’t think microscale works all to well, though it does look like ko-koro. Maybe make just a single hut with some scenery at minifigure scale?

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Without knowing what Ko Koro is, this doesn’t look like anything in particular. It looks really abstract to someone who wouldn’t be familiar.

Also, it doesn’t currently qualify with 90 pieces.


I feel like this would almost work better as a board game due to the small nature of the characters and setting. Still, it’s a pretty nice snow village.