Brickonicle discontinued ideas

“the mask shrines”


skull raider fortress

temple of time with ekimu’s airship


These are amazing. Everything looks absolutely perfect. The Protectors are beautiful, Ekimu is just plain great, and the Temple of Time looks legit.


Ekimu looks like he’s having so much fun.


It’s hard to pick a favorite of these three, all of them are very well designed. I will say the airship is very faithful to how it appeared in the comics, and the skull raider fortress is just as cool.

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I like all of these over the Tahu vs LoSS entire, but it’s understandable why their scrap for a set perspective. All of the shaping (beside the blimps) looks great.

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That Ekimu smile is meme/10. I really like these builds, though that one really big airship is weird with nothing at the ends. The Minifigs are nicely done, too. Still not big on your Tahu, but I really like the rest, especially the skullies.

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