Brickonicle Entry: Bohrok Attack


Name: Bohrok Attack
Piece Count: 118
Price: $12

Help Gali fight the Tahnok!

My entry for the Brickonicle contest.


I am kinda indifferent about this. The minis are good, even if the Bohrok looks like it has no head plate. However the build is pretty meh and there are some odd placements of water pieces along with some floating sand.

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It looks okay, but it’s hard to tell what’s going on because of all the trans-pieces.
I’m not really a fan of the floating sand, but I assume that’s an accident.

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I’m pretty sure it’s meant to make it look like it’s exploding

Very nice! I love the design of the Bohrok. Very creative.

The figs are ok but the build is beyond outdated by lego’s standards in sets.

I feel like this couldn’t be an actual lego set because half the pieces aren’t even attached to anything and the terrain is like something that Lego might have done back in 1973.
The Figs are okay but nothing great, I don’t know why has medium azure instead of blue and light aqua instead of medium blue. Also the the mask not being trans dark blue bothers me.

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Sorry, but the set as a whole looks extremely generic, the blue figure is hardly represent Gali, and the tree is unstable to hold itself.

Also, im not trying to say you copy the design, but that Bohrok reminds me alot like the one MrJoeBoto used:

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Yeah, its supposed to look like its getting blown away.

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Minifigs are good, but I think the Bohrok is the same design as someone else’s, and the build is very… scattered. It could definitely use some mods/changes.

It looks a bit lacking for the focus. I understand the limited parts but the Bohrok looks like what it is; a humanoid with incorrectly jointed legs.

The set overall just looks like it wouldn’t be of good value, as almost all of the value is in a fairly basic sand and water setup.