Brickonicle Entry: Lewa vs Skull Slicer

Lewa Vs. Skull Slicer
Pieces: 332
Price: $30
The Toa have reached the ancient City of the Mask Makers. As Lewa enters the ruins of the battle arena, he loses his golden mask to the menacing Skull Slicer! Help Lewa defeat the slicer and retrieve his mask! But watch out for any traps and the changing terrain of the arena floor.

Here’s Lewa, Skull Slicer, and the golden Mask of Jungle on a pedestal.

Portions of the arena can be taken apart and rearranged.
One pillar is booby trapped with spring-loaded shooters…
And the other is rigged to blow up/crumble.
Hope you enjoy~


I don’t like the microbuilds but the arena itself looks nice.

For the record: I think it would scale better with actual minifigs. - I also think building a larger portion of the arena would come in handy. (The entrance and maybe some facade walls.)


While I think the exploding pillars is a nice feature I think the least interesting part of the set are the figured themselves. They look odd and blocky in some angles and the heads are too small, I think regular minifigs would have been better.


Maybe add a few spikes or some torches and it would be better

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@MakutaTexxidos @BlueCel Perhaps I’ll try to design smaller figures in the future.

@Rockho I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks, I’ll probably add them on my LDD model.

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Not bad!

The overall set looks pretty good - there’s conflict in a box, landscape, and build-able figures all together - it’s the way each was designed which kind of bugs me.

The figures look good, but they suffer for the “Nexo Knight Mech” syndrome; where the heads are too small for the body. Also, the body look kind of simple. I feel like that it would look better if more specialized bricks (slopes or bricks with prints) to add some jazz to them. The overall stature, though, I think, works!

As people have also stated, the lanscape could be done better. At this moment, there’s really nothing special about it. Maybe add some prints? I don’t know.

In the end though, It looks good! Congratulations on your second entry, and I wish you good luck in the contest!

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I like it, but the tiny head on lewa feels… off…
Maybe just go with minifigs, or smaller-scale characters.

I am thinking of designing smaller figures, but of course I can’t make any changes to my entry. I do feel the proportion of the body to the head is pretty close at least, close enough for me any way.

Skull Slicer really ought to have orange instead of yellow.


It is orange, it’s a transparent orange.