Brickonicle Entry: Mutant Ussal Attack

Set Name Mutant Ussal Attack
Pieces 180
Price $19.99

Toa Whenua and Toa Nuju must venture into the depths of Onu-Metru in search of the Onu-Metru disk. As they evade the Vahki Patrol, they accidentally free the mutated Ussal Crab. Have the Toa already met their match in this beast?

-Four minifigures: Toa Whenua, Toa Nuju, and two Vakhi Rorzakh

-Buildable mutant Ussal Crab with articulated legs, claws, and head

-Pedestal with Onu-Metru Disk

-Archives sub-level entrance, with lightvines surrounding it

-Imprison the Ussal in the sub-level

Action Shot:

Notes: This entry is based on one of the comics, unlike my other entries, which are based on the movie. As usual, all comments and criticism are greatly appreciated.


This is pretty cool, especially the fact that the Usual can actually fit in the room.

pretty small and simple but it’s nice,that ussal is especially cool

Oh hey, I liked this scene in the book. Good crab.