Brickonicle Entry: Zaktan's Release

Alright finally getting around to posting my 2nd entry on the Brickonicle Contest.

Like my last entry this is also based on a chapter from Bionicle Legends 4: Legacy of Evil. This set however is based on the part where The Shadowed One saves Zaktan from his slavery in a Protodermis Mine.

I didn’t explain my reasoning behind choosing human bionicles in my last entry so I will do so now; I think that if lego were to pick up Bionicle as a system theme it would most likely have human minifigures to fit in with their other system themes such as Ninjago and Nexo Knights.

Set information:
Name: Zaktan’s Release
Piece count: 229
Price: $22 USD

Minifigures: from left to right
Zaktan (exclusive slave version) and The Shadowed One

Without weapons:

The mine itself has a molten Protodermis funnel to the left and some crates, equipment and a stack of protodermis ingots to the right. In the centre is a custom made minecart track with an archway which leading deeper into the mine. Included add ons are a minecart (heavily inspired by set 7199’s minecarts) and ten studs of “molten Protodermis” (X5 trans orange, X5 trans red).

without minecart to get a better look at the protodermis funnel

The minecart by itself

The orange blocks attached above the archway and above the crates are meant to be Lightstones as based on the design from the MNOG design, personally I think they came out really well:

Finally a shot of everything included in the set:


This is great! I think the t looks very official. Nice jib!


I like those lightstones.

This looks great.

It looks really nice. The way all of the modules connect make it feel like a whole scene.

aside from the figure design
The cave design is excellent, I would like to have one for myself-

My opinion on humanish Bionicle characters has already been said but I like the build.

The lightstones could be a bit more yellow for accuracy, but their build looks very nice. Also something that looks like it would fit in a minifig’s hand, which is a plus. Very solid design overall.

Looks nice, but I wouldn’t pay $22 for it.

Why not? Looks like the perfect size and piece count for a $20 set to me.

If I’m buying this for display, it seems just a bit too small and simple to make $20 worth the cost. Maybe if I needed some of the parts specifically, I wouldn’t mind as much.

I understand where you’re coming from with the price, but to me I don’t really have a proper gage on a good price range. If I were to price it for where I live (I’m Australian) it would be closer to $30-$35. I put the price in American because the largest audience on the message boards are American.

Very cool. I like the attention to detail here with things such as the lightstones.

I tried trans yellow but it came out too pale it may look better in person but on LDD and bluerender trans orange looks better.

It looks okay, but I don’t see any real play functions.

This looks really nice, but human Bonkles… mehhh…
Otherwise, this is a nice, solid looking set.