Brickonicle: Exo-Toa Cave Battle

##New from Lego Bionicle!
Rahkshi are attacking Onu Koro! Protect turaga whenua with the all new exo-toa and claim the mask of power!

Exo-Toa Cave Battle
315 pieces
set number 8675

everything that comes with the cave:

features and functions:
The cannons on top of the overseer tower can fire studs and the exo-toa has a working missile cannon arm.

OOO nice treazures captain Jack Sparrow!

Claim the mask of power! So you can feel the power!

Uh oh. Rahk lobstars got to Whenua’s tower.

liven up the battle with the falling tower function! Whenua’s construction expertise must be slipping in his old age.
Battle pose stuff!!!

Victory screech or something like that

Minifig character builds:

Onua Nuva and turaga Whenua

with the mask of power

Rahkshi of heat vision

He’s goin’ the distance

The exo-toa;
without pilot

with pilot

now with convenient chainsaw storage

Cave overview (for all your cave needs:

Hope everyone enjoyed this moc. I redesigned this stupid cave at least seven times (I lost count). Best luck to everyone in the competition.


Someone beat me to it.

Pretty good, Exo Toa has quite the belly though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

now to beat this…


Nice work! I think that is possibly the best-looking Rahkshi at this scale I’ve seen so far. Whenua is a pretty clever build, and Onua looks nice too. The mask shrine, tower, and rockwork there is decent, if maybe a little lackluster. The exo-toa is also a great build, if just a little… tubby. :stuck_out_tongue:

that rahkshi is really legit tho


Love that rahkshi build my dude


In order for this to be considered entered, you need to post a link to this topic in the official contest topic, not the other way around.

(Why do people think it’s the other way around?!)


Because people only skim through the directions. Trust me, I know this for certain.

I like it, but it is very overpriced. It looks more like $15, maybe $20, but not $30.

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I just went off of eljay’s peice count rules. Don’t shoot the messenger.