Brickonicle G3 Elements Poll [Worldbuilding] [Pitch]

There are also Masks for each of the elements, too.

Yes there are, there is obviously a large variance in Mask powers, ranging from God over life and death to breathing under water. Elemental powers on the other hand, are fairly balanced, at least among the main six.


True, but a Toa of Gravity is inherently more powerful than the Kanohi modeled after their powers, so it makes sense that a Toa’s elemental power has more control and strength than a Kanohi in general.

Besides, Pohatu would really only gain this ability later into the story, when his skill and ability has become much stronger alongside the other Toa, allowing them to level the playing field with their own unique ways of utilizing their elements (Such as Lewa altering the pressure, for example).

Additionally, we could also have Pohatu to work with preexisting, purified iron as well.

And until than he would be enherently weak using brittle iron? Or he would just be chucking rocks that happen to have iron ore in them? In which case he’s basically a Toa of stone.

Elemental masks are made from Toa disks, the power of the mask is based on the power of the disk.

Well, then that’d just make the change from Stone to Iron less jarring and more comfortable for the characters of Pohatu and the Po-Matoran. I don’t know how brittle natural iron ore is, so I’ll have to look into that. And, as I mentioned earlier, he could always keep a source of purified iron on hand, kind of like Toph’s meteor bracelet or Katara’s water pouch in ATLA.

Anyhow, those Toa Disks are in turn made FOR their respective Toa- Although who exactly creates them is up in the air, as far as I know, but I don’t think the Toa Disks are necessarily more powerful than generic Kanoka, due to them being of mostly honorary status. I could be wrong, though.

Except for when you say they’re element is iron and they use Stone, or when people think they’re stone then they use iron.

Iron ore is basically a rock. Naturally occurring metallic iron is very brittle because of it’s many impurities.

This brings back up the issue of it not being natural like the other elements.

HAH! Meteoric iron is famously weak and brittle, they got that completely wrong!

Yeah… We don’t really know too much about the making of Toa disks… I do have theory topic that touches on it though:

Touche. I feel like we could continue to debate on this, but I feel like I’m taking another step in a land-mine infested field with each post and might kickstart World War 57 (the previous ones already happened on this topic). Perhaps we should just end this before another war happens and leave each other be?

Likewise, you do have good points and clearly know quite a bit about Iron Ore, impressively enough, and its components. Very impressive, I won’t lie, as I’m taking Chemistry and find it a fascinating subject. While I DO think Iron is a cool idea for Pohatu, in the end, let’s be honest- Stone can be a really cool element if it didn’t keep getting short-changed in the previous generations. I can live with the same elements, so long as they do them RIGHT, and I think that’s what everyone cares about in the end.

This was actually world war one of this topic, fought between me and SirKeksalot, and it lasted three days.

I learned a lot in three days.[quote=“Sepublic22, post:747, topic:33898”]
While I DO think Iron is a cool idea for Pohatu, in the end, let’s be honest- Stone can be a really cool element if it didn’t keep getting short-changed in the previous generations. I can live with the same elements, so long as they do them RIGHT, and I think that’s what everyone cares about in the end.

I think everyone can agree on that.


Alas! No blood has been shed between two people of differing opinions on the internet! What sorcery is this?! A trick by Makuta?! Or perhaps a miracle by the great spirit Mata Nui!

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I meant that I’m fine they change some elements example like stone to iron/lightning but won’t like it when they reach 2020/2021 when it’s bionicle’s anniversary which should keep all original color schemes and elements when it’s about 20 years since a old fans who grew up with the sets but except its system which can appeal more to people (with maybe some constraction builds similar to Chima and Star Wars)and still contain the same original feeling and I’m completely fine that they change elements before 2020 because the nostalgic feelings of old fans won’t be there yet which is one of the reasons G2 failed because the nostalgia wasn’t there yet for old fans and G3 appealing to new fans is extremely important to make it live longer and changing some elements and colors to make it unique to them with current fans and new ones too!

(When I mean old fans I mean people that use to buy bionicle when they were younger and don’t keep up with it nowadays)

That nostalgia is here now.

G2 failed because it has a terrible story and was underadvertised.

Most of those people had no idea G2 happened until after it was already over due to the lack of proper advertising. The only reason they found out at all was that Bionicle memes caught on for a while and they were all sad that they missed it.


Woah you check everything! that was my reason at the time I don’t really know but I said “one” of the reasons ex bad story,less world building,and barely advertisements, and the the limited availability of 2016 sets(at least in my area and also the thing about how nostalgia works about 20 years back or is what I heard on a video or something) thanks for the examination

You did say one of the reasons, although the lack of returning fans can be attributed to the lack of advertising since many old fans had no idea G2 existed. All of the reasons listed here are also valid points, terrible story and lack of proper advertising is just the simplified broad explanation for G2’s failure. Obviously the full list of reasons is much longer than we even know, as Lego wouldn’t even tell us why they canceled it in the first place.

I have no idea where you heard that. Nostalgia is simply remembering the past fondly, it generally applies to things from one’s childhood, and as far as I know has no set time requirement.

No problem :wink:

We’re keeping them open until this week on the podcast. I feel like we’ve basically figured out an idea of what we want to do for the elements, but we’ve got one or two minute things to work through.

Essentially, the arguments in this topic have made it impossible to completely read through. Different topics on the elements will be kept open so we can look at these new ideas and consider things back and forth. Afterwards, they’ll all be closed.


Fair enough, although, I would point out that you are essentially rewarding those who broke board rules by giving them more attention. I mean, it’s understandable why because this topic went completely insane, but it still feels wrong.

No one has broken any rules. This topic is not exclusively for the elements and was never stated to be. This is simply an official poll put on by us.

We decide what are the rules and what aren’t. If things weren’t, we’d warn them and then merge the topic. We haven’t. When rules change, we’ll actually state them somewhere.


i would just like to say that i hope you and the other cast members take into consideration that Onua’s nature speaking power don’t have to be tied to his elemental power.

one of the good things with Bionicle is that an interesting abilitiy don’t have to allways be related to their elemental powers (and you don’t even have to bring back mask powers even to use such an idea, you could make it so that their special abilities was gifted to them when they became Toa)

Really? I think of clay, or marble, or paint before metal, and I’ve asked others, no one said metal.

I know I’m repeating myself here, but I find iron/metal doesn’t really fit the theming of the other elements,

Thanks for saving me the time of typing that.

Someone brought that up before, and I stated it felt rather contrived to allow for iron, you want an substance that looks and acts exactly like metal but isn’t able to be controlled by the toa of metal, well that’s awfully convenient now ain’t it?

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Iḿ not sure if anyone has posted this yet or if I am even allowed to promote this from another bionicle site but I found a cool topic on BZ Power;
It basically explains all of the elements in a sort of periodic table.

What is curious is that they have stone as a secondary element in their version of the table with five elements in each column.

Didn’t we already end this…? On a lesser note, Iron is only one of several metals, so the existence of a metal that isn’t iron being used in people doesn’t seem too contrived.