Brickonicle Lewa Figure Concept

This was inspired by the works of @Ragdoll and @AIDY_the_BOOKLE. I would have liked to paint a modified Flash/Ultron helmet instead, for more of a Miru look, but those are rare. I settled on Breeze’s helmet because it looks plausible as a Miru Nuva from a distance. Tell me what you think!

And yeah, the pics are out of order, again. My phone does that, and it takes forever to fix on mobile, sorry!


Silver’s more of Lewa’s color, but it looks nice other than that.


Is this is G1 or G2 version?

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Its an amalgamation.

I really like the way this looks! It has a cool design and great detailing. I would like if you painted those axes green, but you don’t have to do that. Overall, this is quite a good minifigure!

I may actually do this. Regarding the axes, I actually would have prefered to use this one:

Unfortunately I only have the one.


Well, in the story Lewa only has one axe, but I can see why you would want to use two. :confused:

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I did that because it’s a combination of many of his versions. Plus he can use the axe blades as wings.

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Take that ugly Ultron head piece.

You actually did a great job at replicating @AIDY_the_BOOKLE’s minifig. I like it a lot.

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