Brickonicle: Nui-Jaga Nest Battle

12345 Nui-Jaga Nest Battle
Piece count: 233
Price: $25.00

  • Battle against the fierce Nui-Jaga to protect Po-Koro!
  • Bring down the nest by knocking down all four supports with Pohatu’s Stone Catapult!
  • Uncover the poisoned kolhii balls by hitting the mask!
  • Includes brick-built Nui-Jaga with 22 points of articulation
  • Includes brick-built Pohatu with 6 points of articulation

[details=Extra stuffs]So, this is actually my first posting on the boards! I’ve been around for about a year, liking and commenting here and there, but once I saw the Brickonicle contest I knew I had to join in.

Anyway, here are some molds that would probably need to be created:

  • Pohatu’s Kakama (in reddish brown)
  • Preferably a fully molded body piece for Pohatu (the neck is the ugliest part right now)
  • Maybe new claws for the Nui-Jaga, or a new stinger mold.

If I had the time to go back and fix a few things up I’d probably try and make the pillar-breaking function more interesting, plus maybe redesign Pohatu’s Catapult thing.

Besides Pohatu’s neck, though, I am quite happy with how the Nui-Jaga and Pohatu turned out.

Also, not sure whether the price should be at $25.00 or only $20.00…

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed. :slight_smile:


Very very nice. I love the inclusion of the black Stars Hau.


Niiice, but missing Takua. Great anyways.



Yeah, on second thought I should have included him but too late now. :confused:

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A nice recreation, good job.


This looks really really cool, I love what you did that that Pohatu and the Nui Jaga
I’d love this set for those glorious looking magenta pieces to.


I like that you mimicked Pohatu’s stature.



Thanks! Yeah, when I was building the Nui-Jaga I didn’t want too much purple/magenta, as the original set only had highlights, but there’s enough there to accent the black.

Thanks! (why do I keep repeating myself)

It took a few attempts to find a way to fit it all together, but once I started using the upside-down battle droid body it all seemed to fall into place.

A bit expensive for $25, as it’s more of a $20 set. That being said, I love the look of this. I like the builds, such as the catapult and best, and the figures are on-point.


A tad too expensive for what it is? Sounds like a LEGO set to me, then.


Ykyabfw the fast-paced techno beat with the Indian instrumentals started playing in your head when you saw this :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks so nice!
Like it a lot, especially the Nui Jaga.

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Yeah, I think I should have added Takua or a Po-Matoran to the build so that you don’t just get one minifig; either that or bump the price down to $20.00

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Yet another scene I love seeing. The Pohatu minifig is designed effectively, with much regard for his original form. The Nui Jaga also looks nice and the way you implemented the boulder firing with a catapult is creative.

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@Stoax Thanks! I was concerned that the catapult might be a bit… jarring. I tried designing a machine that would make it look as though pohatu was kicking them (with one of the old springy basketball stands) but overall I think the catapult is quite a bit more effective function-wise.

really cool. Also I love the way you made Pohatu. I might use that method for some of my robot builds (Not for BRICKONICLE. I’m not entering the competition)

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that Pohatu is fantastic, and the Nui jaga!

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I love Pohatu!

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The first Brickonicle where I actually found the mini figure great!

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@Folk Thanks!