Brickonicle: Skull Slicer's Jungle Temple Attack!

So heres my Brickonicle entry, I wanted to do a physical model because I don’t think LDD does a build justice but I like how this turned out. My idea for system bionicle would be separate walls and entrances that you can combine with other sets you get, this one includes Skull Slicer, LoSS, Protector of Jungle, and Lewa. Anyways here it is! :slight_smile:
Piece count: 255
Price: $25

Although I like how this turned out I feel there are some great entries on the boards, GG lol


I think you need to put in the price and piece count, but I’m not sure.

About the build, it’s not bad, but it’s not anything special, although it does give off a jungle vibe. The figures are also pretty good, but the LoSS doesn’t resemble LoSS too much.

Yes you do. You also need to link the contest page.

Speaking from a buyer’s standpoint, i dont think its worth a $25 set. Even though that equates to current price per parts that the contest gives. I would have honestly suggested sacrificing the exterior arch build, Lord Of Skull Spiders and removing the greebling and shooter on one side to lower the parts and potentially drop the price to $20 where it would be more reasonable.

That way you can have Lewa fighting against Skull Slicer to get to the mask first then Protector of Jungle joins to help using the stud shooter thats built into one side of the wall.

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I don’t know where the heck this idea started, but it’s wrong.

Entries need to be linked in the contest page, not the other way around. If it isn’t linked in the contest topic, it will not be considered entered.


This looks fantastic, might need some more jungle-y elements though perhaps? But as a small set this is fantastic, I love the armour on Lewa.

Not bad!
I actually like the how simple it looks; the smooth aesthetic just works here.
The minifigures work, and all but LoSS look neat! (LoSS, to me, has the same flaws as he had in his original set - too tiny to be considered a real threat)
There’s really nothing else to mention, so…
It’s pretty neat in the end! A few minor fixes, and it would look even better!
Also, I think you ought to put in more pictures, as I believe the contest rules stated at least 4.

This is correct.

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